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We bring Africa to you!

This fast-paced world often makes us forget to slow down and experience the simple pleasures such as the beauty of creation, the company of friends, or carefully crafted fine foods.

Rosaly’s mission lays in the edible part of that, although you can bring the others along for the ride!

We offer catering, packaged foods, and private classes all from the expertise of our head chef Rose Kumbu. She brings the best of Congo, South Africa, Nigeria, and other African countries to all of our cuilnary delights.

Whichever you choose, we will help you on your way to enjoying the best African, African Fusion, and other foods. Keep reading below to learn more!

It Starts With The Best Ingredients

Mouth-watering yams, colourful sweet potatoes, fresh fruit, choice plantains, tasty cassava leaves, saffron-flavoured rice, succulent spiced chicken and goat, smoked herb tilapia, hand-made beignets and samosas—they all love to show up on Rosaly’s table along with a few other surprises!

We offer meals for gatherings of two up to one hundred and twenty people, with simple or elaborate choices of food. Read more in our menu below, then contact us to reserve a date!

We love Catering to your needs!
Come Shop With Us!

Some of our most popular products can ship directly to your door!

Great for gifts and perfect for your own kitchen, our beignets, waffle mix, spice mixes, sauces - even our famous Rosaly's Hibiscus and Ginger drinks - are all available for convenient purchase.

Curious about African food?

Rosaly’s Cookery School offers evening annd weekend cooking classes right at your home! From the complete novice to the food curious cook, we offer people with a passion for food the chance to explore the diverse flavors of the continent.

The range of courses reflects the diversity of African food, which has a whole assortment of flavors from spicy to fragrant and aromatic.

Whatever your taste, we’re sure to have something you love! We offer single person registration and private and custom classes for personal or corporate groups. View our brochure below, then book your lesson online!

We Bring Classes To You!
We love to hear from you! Please fill out the form below and we will respond very soon!